NTEC Community Benefit Fund

NTEC understands that community projects are essential to building better and stronger communities. The Community Benefit Fund has help dozens of community projects since NTEC started the fund in 2016.


Each year, NTEC opens the application period with an informative workshop. The workshop helps applicants understand the goals of the Fund and how to apply. In addition, specific questions can be answered.


The objective of the NTEC Community Benefit Fund is to create sustainable, long-term value for the communities in which NTEC operates and to ensure lasting social, environmental and economic benefit.  While Navajo Mine operations provide the essential needs for communities today, it is crucial the needs of future generations are not compromised and they have the ability and resources to meet their needs.

Program Preferences and Funding Categories

The evaluation of grant applications will be at the discretion of NTEC in accordance with established guidelines and merit.  Each application will be considered on its individual project qualities.  Projects cannot be guaranteed full funding, regardless of their merit.


In general, local community projects that have local community support and provide long-term sustainable benefits and are directed at solving local problems in a sustainable way are preferred than to those providing short-term relief from community hardships or create long-term dependency on the grant.  Projects must demonstrate that they will eventually become self-sustaining or will continue to provide benefits to the community after the project is completed.


Additionally, preference will be given to projects where Navajo Mine operations have a direct impact or with the potential to strategically align with NTEC’s vision and mission statement.  Evaluating the risk of successful project implementation and plans for recognition of a potential contribution from the NTEC Community Benefit Fund is an important aspect in ensuring project completion and success.


The funding categories are:


  • Education and Youth Development
  • Economic Development
  • Energy Sustainability
  • Environmental Stewardship


The applicant must meet either of the following guidelines:

  • 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with an IRS tax-exempt letter or
  • Approved education or community based entity with an existing operational budget.


All project selection and awards will be made at the discretion of NTEC, and an application submission will not in any way create a right, entitlement, or contract to any program submitting a project proposal.


Activities Not Eligible For Funding

The following will not be considered for funding:

  • Applications from political organizations and campaigns of elected officials;
  • Applications from religious organizations for religious purposes;
  • Applications from government agencies for projects that do not directly benefit the community, except for Navajo Nation Chapters.
  • Applications from Environmental Advocacy Group or their affiliates to fund lawsuits or operational expenses.
  • Recurring expenses caused by shortfalls in government funding;
  • Travel costs/ travel-related expenses;
  • Requests that benefit an individual or small group of individuals;
  • Incomplete or late applications.

How To Apply

NTEC will place ads in the local newspapers and its social media pages notifying interest parties regarding the CBF Workshop date and scheduled application period.


The application and supporting documents must be submitted via email or delivered to NTEC’s Farmington office. School programs must provide documentation of project approval from the school administration or district. Navajo Chapter Applications must include a chapter resolution supporting the request of funds for the selected project.