NTEC in the Community

NTEC Community Values

NTEC is an integral part of the local community and is committed to interacting with all facets of the Four Corners Region. Although we are a Navajo owned company and Navajo Mine is located on the Navajo Nation, our commitment to community enhancement extends both to tribal and non-tribal entities. We are proud to be a part of the Four Corners community.


NTEC Community Services

NTEC has committed staff to developing community based projects which includes Navajo Nation Chapter-based projects. Our Community Benefit Fund provides funding to non-profit and tribal agencies to implement critical projects that enhance the lives of local community members. We also provide scholarships for college students, as well as internships.


Community Mine Tours

Navajo Transitional Energy Company (NTEC) and Navajo Mine operator, Bisti Fuels, are inviting educational institutions and community members to contact them regarding group tours of Navajo Mine.  NTEC is the owner of Navajo Mine, making the Navajo Nation the only Native American tribe that wholly owns its own coal mine.


For educational tours, contact NTEC Education Coordinator Nathan Tohtsoni at 505-278-8639 or nathan.tohtsoni@navajo-tec.com. For community tours, contact NTEC Community Affairs Coordinator Melissa Kelly at (505) 278-8636 or melissa.kelly@navajo-tec.com.


Tours are scheduled on Thursdays only between 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.


NTEC Community Photos