NTEC Education

Navajo Transitional Energy Company, LLC fuels the Navajo Nation by providing direct and indirect financial support for thousands of Navajos, charitable contributions through the Community Benefit Fund, college scholarships, vocational training and educational programs.


The company has a direct positive impact on the Navajo people by providing:

• Jobs

• Revenue

• Scholarships

• School supplies

• Coats to school children

• Public coal to communities

• Vocational job training programs

• Grants to non-profits and chapter houses


NTEC is a proponent of post-secondary education, but would like to highlight success stories from the Community Benefit Fund, other education programs and economic development (supporting small businesses), which NTEC currently extends to the Navajo people.


NTEC is committed to prospering the educational opportunities for Navajo students in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields and vocational training. Since 2013, NTEC has worked to create new and innovative ways to increase the knowledge-base of students regarding mining career paths based in STEM-related fields.

NTEC Scholarships

NTEC views scholarships as improving the long-term quality of life for the Navajo people. We provide scholarships to Navajo students at-large, students registered with neighboring chapters of Navajo Mine and students of local higher-learning institutions.


NTEC is proud to announce the inaugural Navajo College Scholarship to deserving students who have chosen a STEM-based major. The scholarship is open to all Navajo students, regardless of chapter location or institute, but limited to STEM or industry related field of study. Please click here for more information.


These scholarships are investments into the long-term success of the Navajo Nation.


STEM Activities

NTEC proudly supports STEM activities on the Navajo Nation and immediate surrounding areas of Navajo Mine. Many of these school-based activities are designed to show elementary, middle, high school and college students the possibilities of a STEM-related career.


Aside from scheduling mine tours that are school-bus friendly, NTEC also sponsors career days and STEM school fairs that open student’s eyes to the different likelihoods found in a STEM-based career.


Educational Partnerships

NTEC is partnering with various educational organizations to expand the horizon of helping students gain meaningful STEM experiences. NTEC established partnerships with Arizona Girls Scouts, Arizona Science Center, Arizona State University, Dine’ College, Explora Science Museum, Navajo Technical University, New Mexico Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement, Inc. (MESA), Northeast Arizona Technological Institute of Vocational Education (NATIVE), San Juan College, and school districts across the Navajo Nation to bring new and innovative programs to students. NTEC remains vigilant to new partnerships that will bring STEM-related activities to students on the Navajo Nation.