Media Releases

July 9, 2018


NTEC purchases partial ownership in Four Corners Power Plant, a first for a Navajo enterprise


NTEC closed a transaction to purchase seven percent of the Four Corners Power Plant. The deal lead NTEC into a new realm of energy development.


June 12, 2018


NTEC helps family receive solar energy


Cameron Chapter applied for a Community Benefit Fund grant and used it to help a family get access to solar power.


May 14, 2018


NTEC files answering brief to dismissed lawsuit appeal


NTEC filed an answering brief to an appeal from a dismissed lawsuit from 2017.


May 7, 2018


NTEC CEO expresses support for Navajo small businesses


Navajo Transitional Energy Company's CEO outlined how NTEC supports Navajo small businesses.


March 20, 2018


NTEC welcomes Harvard graduate students to help develop community projects


Navajo Transitional Energy Company welcomes a new partnership that will help develop community projects.


December 14, 2017


NTEC contributes $200,000 to 33 community projects


Navajo Transitional Energy Company continued their annual tradition of helping community-based projects by contributing a total of $200,000 to 33 projects from nonprofit organizations, including projects from Navajo Nation chapters.


November 13, 2017


NTEC: Appeal of court decision undermines Navajo sovereignty


Navajo Transitional Energy Company (“NTEC”) released a statement  regarding an appeal filed on Nov. 9 in the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the efforts of certain environmental groups seeking to undermine the Navajo Nation’s sovereign immunity that covers NTEC.


September 14, 2017


U.S. District Court dismisses environmentalist lawsuit with NTEC as intervenor


Navajo Transitional Energy Company (NTEC), owner of Navajo Mine, a coal mine on the Navajo Nation, applauds a Sept. 11, 2017 court ruling that granted a motion to dismiss a lawsuit was filed in April 2016.


August 23, 2017


Navajo leaders commend the success of NTEC-BISTI at unveiling of new locomotives at Navajo Mine


Speaker LoRenzo Bates  and Council Delegate Tuchoney Slim, Jr. on Wednesday, spoke at an event hosted by

the Navajo Transitional Energy Company to unveil two new locomotives that deliver coal from Navajo Mine to the Four Corners Power Plant.


August 7, 2017


NTEC Releases Summer Newsletter


In this edition of The Resource, read about the new locomotives, surface miner and welcome a new employee to the NTEC team.


June 15, 2017


NTEC sponsors showing of Code Talker documentary


NTEC sponsors a showing of "The Heart of a Warrior." The documentary takes a look at the service of Navajo Code Talker Samuel Sandoval from Shiprock, N.M.


April 21, 2017


NTEC with Bisti Fuels donates office furniture to Navajo chapters and nonprofits


NTEC partnered with Bisti Fuels Company to donate furniture to local chapters and nonprofit agencies.


Photos: Photo 1, Photo 2


March 13, 2017


Bisti Fuels at Navajo Mine hosts Navajo Prep students to collect seeds in reclaimed area


Students from Navajo Preparatory School assisted Bisti Fuels by collecting seeds on reclaimed land at Navajo Mine.


Photos: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4


Feb. 1, 2017


The Resources, Winter 2017 edition


This quarter read statements from NTEC leadership, article about Bisti Fuels, a subsidiary of The North American Coal Corporation, NTEC photos from community involvement, and other interesting articles.


Jan. 4, 2017


NTEC announces Bisti Fuels started as new contract mine operator for Navajo Mine


NTEC announced that Bisti Fuels Company, LLC, a subsidiary of The North American Coal Corporation, became the new contract mine operator for Navajo Mine on January 1, 2017.


Dec. 16, 2016


NTEC distributes $200k to 24 community projects


NTEC celebrated and honored community based projects that add value and elevate the quality of living for area communities during an awards luncheon on Thursday, December 15, 2016.


Oct. 24, 2016


The Resource, NTEC's quarterly newsletter


Our newsletters announces our award for reclamation, our work to help chapters and non-profit companies, pictures of our participation in Navajo fairs, and other happenings since July.


Sept. 6, 2016


NTEC to receive national reclamation award


The Office of Surface Mining and Reclamation Enforcement named NTEC and BHP Billiton as awardees for their reclamation work at Navajo Mine.


Aug. 1, 2016


NTEC closes $115 million Credit Facility with group led by KeyBank


NTEC has closed on a $115 million Senior Secured Facility with a group of banks led by KeyBank National Association as Administrative Agent and Collateral Agent and Keybanc Capital Markets, Inc. as Coordinating Lead Arranger and Mandated Lead Arranger.


July 22, 2016


The Resource, NTEC's quarterly newsletter


The Resource is NTEC's newsletter! This month we report about the Tohatchi geopark project, offer an opinion about self determination, photos from from our North American Coal, District 13 engagement dinner and other updates.


June 28, 2016


Tohatchi Chapter passes resolution for NTEC to conduct a feasibility study for a geo-park


The first step to NTEC's plans for a geopark near Tohatchi using geothermal technology is completed.


April 17, 2016


NTEC announces $35 million in contributions to the Navajo Nation


NTEC contributed $35 million in taxes and royalties from Navajo Mine operations in 2015. The announcement came during the 2016 Navajo Nation Economic Summit.


March 3, 2016


Tenth District Appeals Court sides with NTEC over Area IV at Navajo Mine


The Tenth District Appeals Court dismissed and vacated a ruling from April 2015. The April ruling forced NTEC to halt operations in Area IV North at Navajo Mine. The dismissal means the merits of the orginal ruling have been throw out of court.


Dec. 21, 2015


NTEC announces plans to pursue partial power plant ownership


NTEC plans to pursue partial ownership in the Four Corners Power Plant. The option comes as Texas El Paso Electric plans to divest its seven percent ownership.


Dec. 9, 2015


NTEC selects new miner for Navajo Mine


NTEC announced North American Coal’s Bisti Fuels as the miner to replace BHP Billiton at the end of 2016. NTEC and North American Coal plan to start transitioning early in 2016.